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I've just gone and updated the Masterlist of themes/schedule with updated dates. evp_voices is also a wee bit more organised.



Feedback plz, dear listeners...

Over the course of EVP's production thus far, I've managed to gather a relatively small collection of recordings that haven't fit into an edition - whether because of space, timing or theme.

As I am planning on having a hiatus over the holiday season (I will be busy, as will readers), I was considering posting a bunch of 'supplementary' files, in non-themed, non-podcast (as in, no music/intros/additional audio) format, to keep listeners entertained over the break. And also, to give these readers/files/stories a chance to be heard!

There are a number of ways I can do this. I could post links to each individual story file for download. I could edit files together into hour-long blocks, attempting to group with themes (so, angst or fluff, for example), as well as the slash/gen divide. Or I could forego posting supplementaries at all!

It all depends on what you, the listeners, want. So tell me via this handy poll!

Poll #878351 EVP in the holiday season

Over EVP's holiday hiatus, what form would you prefer supplementary material to be in?

individual story files
grouped/edited into hour-long, fic-only 'podcasts' (divided into slash and gen)
individual files all zipped up into one download

If you have another suggestion, let me know and I'll consider it :)

While I'm here, another thing I've been considering that I'd appreciate your feedback on.

spnfic_podcast is obviously a very specific, single-purpose community - for the production and distribution of the EVP podcast. And you all know about spn_audio_novel, right? That is also quite specific; for the audio posting of novel length fanfic, chapter by chapter.

Well, I was considering creating a more umbrella community - spn-multimedia or somesuch - to allow for the posting of both podcasts and novel-length audio fic and more. It would have open membership, allowing me to post notification/links to new editions of EVP, and people at spn_audio_novel to link to new chapters, as well as the opportunity for folks who want to be involved in neither to post their own recorded audio fic.

Do you think that would work? Or is it entirely unnecessary?

In addition, it could also cover other SPN multimedia projects - So, anything that isn't a vid, fic or fanart (as these things are pretty much already covered!). So you could post not only your audiofic/podcasts there, but notices about your hard-copy zine(s), filk songs, etc... even costuming or other non-typical art. Any SPN fan-material created outside of the usual fan mediums (art, fic, vid).

Would it sink or swim?

Feedback would be much appreciated :)


EVP 9: Humor & Hijinks (gen)

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Additional editor's notes: er, 'Home' isn't the most appropriate episode for this theme, I know, but it's left over from when I planned this edition to be about the brain powers in the early days. Ah well.

Also, because show notes were making me insane to put together, now I'll only list a link to the story, its author and its reader in the show notes. if you need more details, go to the story header.

This means that if you submit stuff, please follow the guide to contributing and include a link to the original story, as well as things like what edition the recording is for! It would make my life a gazillion times easier.

I still need more submissions for the Humor & Hijinks (slash) edition (next week!) and the John (slash) edition. I have more than enough for the John (gen) edition. Come on, folks, I thought you liked slash???


EVP firing up again

Now that RL has calmed down for me, I’m going to be firing up the podcast again.

My plan is to produce four more editions – 2 x Humor & Hijinks, 2 x John Winchester – before the holiday season. I’ll hiatus during that break, but possibly release some supplementary/fic-only/non-themed editions during that time to tide you over.

I’ll need some help from folks to get us back to speed again, though. I pretty much had to ignore EVP entirely for the past month, which means a number of the submissions people sent to me (namely, those using free upload/file hosts, like yousendit) have expired, and I can no longer download them.

So. If you’ve submitted a recording to me and I haven’t yet used it, could you please re-send it to evp.podcast@gmail.com?

For those of you interested in being involved in contributing and producing, I’ll point you to the four posts that’ll need re-activating now that it’s time to work on them:

- Humor & Hijinks (gen)
- Humor & Hijinks (slash)
- John Winchester (gen)
- John Winchester (slash)

Go, have a look at the stories that are down already, and the stories that people have suggested in the comments, etc. Consider submitting or suggesting more. Comment if you’re intending to step up to the plate, so I can keep a track of what needs doing and what’s taken care of!

In the next 24 hours I’ll be pottering around over at evp_voices, prodding people and organising things, so come join me :)

early hiatus

(x-posted to evp_voices)

Due to RL commitments, I'm taking a bit of an early hiatus - EVP 9 will be shifted back a month, so instead of submissions closing October 8, they'll be closing November 8.

That said consider, submissions now open for 9: Humor & Hijinks (gen), 10: Humor & Hijinks (slash), 11: John (gen), & 12: John (slash).

Keep using the posts at evp_voices to organise yourselves, I will be around but not as available for providing immediate attention ;)


Hey there gang,

As RL is ramping up the tension for me at the moment, I’m going to alter the submissions process a little.

Namely, I will no longer post calls for submissions to this community. Instead of putting together that huge post over here, I’ll just link to the planning post for the edition over at evp_voices a week before submissions are due.

You can use the comments on each entry at evp_voices to make suggestions and discuss things at any time, but I’d ask you to wait until I’ve posted over here (so, a week before the deadline) before you send me actual files.

This is because my brain is full of a lot of other stuff, and I tend to lose track of who’s done what for when and whether I’ve downloaded it when I’m receiving things for many different editions at once.

The posts at evp_voices are really the best way to keep everything organised – I can’t stress how useful they are for me, to have separate, central pages that I can edit in the planning stages – and useful for other contributors too, to keep an eye on who’s doing what, so there isn’t unnecessary doubling-up and waste of human resources!!

Please use those posts for everything except the actual submission of files, which you will still need to email to evp.podcast@gmail.com

I’ve made some changes to the Guide to Contributing as well – mainly to make it easier for me to put together the Show Notes for each edition, which are currently a major pain in my ass! Hee. Basically, I’ve specified the exact info I need for the Show Notes so I don’t have to run around chasing story URLs, headers, etc. Readers will really need to adhere to these submission guidelines in future, because like I said – otherwise they increase my workload considerably, and make me not a happy puppy!

I will also put together a guide for sub-editors of each edition which I hope will alleviate my workload further, once people can see what it’s all about and volunteer to take care of particular editions. So keep an eye out for that.

On the calendar side of things, there is a MASTER post over at evp_voices where I am linking all the details for past and future editions. If you have a look over there you’ll be able to see that I’ve scheduled in a couple of breaks (hiatii?) – over the holiday season, and then again at the end of this first ‘season’. This is anticipation of me needing a break, but also people not being available to submit/record stuff over the holiday period. There’s another break scheduled for the end of the ‘season’, at which point I’ll be doing more planning and re-evaluating and deciding what the second season of EVP’s going to look like.

But anyway. Like I said, RL is getting really busy, so I’ll be looking to lean on a lot of you between now and mid-November. After that I’ll be able to dedicate a whole lot more time resolving issues and making everything run smoother and betterer.

As always, comments, questions, etc are welcome at all time, but keep in mind that my responses may not be incredibly prompt!



Submissions are open for EVP 8: Pre-series (slash) for just under another week (closing October 1st).

You have two weeks until submissions close for EVP 9 (8th October).

evp_voices is a community for anyone with ideas or intentions for each edition to come together and communicate/brainstorm. There is a post for each edition, set up prior to submissions opening. There are now discussion posts set up for the next 12 editions.

Call for submissions: EVP 9 - Humor & Hijinks (gen)Collapse )
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ETA: I just wanted to say - thanks for all the comments, be they feedback or suggestions or volunteers to help, that I receive around here. Unfortunately due to time constraints I can't reply to them all, but I am listening and am very appreciative. So, thank you!!


Non-fic material question

Hey listeners, just wanted to test out an idea/ask another quick question of you:

As you (hopefully) know, the next two editions of EVP focus on pre-series stories, the first one gen and the second one slash.

I just recorded an interview/conversation with lea_ndra (author of epic pre-series slash story, "To Wish Impossible Things"). I intended to use this as the non-fic piece in the slash edition, but, well - lea_ndra and I have a tendency to meta-on, and I ended up recording about an hour of good, meaty material.

So the question is - should I break down/edit the material into two separate pieces in order to put one in the gen ed and one in the slash ed? Obviously I would use the slash/gen-appropriate material for the relevant editions.

I ask because I'm still kinda feeling my way around the non-fic material components of the podcast - aside from the interviews, I've been the only one producing non-fic recordings... I don't know if this is because people aren't confident or sure about submitting this kind of stuff, or because listeners really aren't interested in it!

So tell me, are you interested in the non-fic pieces? Would you like to hear pre-series (and tangent) meta discussion between lea_ndra and I for two editions in a row?

As a pseudo-tangent on this topic, lea_ndra and I ended up talking about the possibility of a meta podcast again. As I said above, our conversation went really well - we were able to engage in good, meta discussion for a solid hour. What do you guys think about the occassional meta podcast, that's essentially a panel discussion with a topical fandom topic? My main concern is there being enough people willing to be on a panel (though I can't imagine it working with more than two or three people at a time). Or should there just be a regular group of people who discuss different topics? (lea_ndra and I could go on for hours...)

Anyway, talk to me, people! I feel like I'm pretty much in the dark with how people feel about the non-fic/meta pieces, so please. Let loose - tell me if you like it or if you DISlike it. I try to gear the podcast to the listeners, so to get it how you like it, you need to tell me when you like or don't like stuff. I won't be offended!!