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EVP 8: Pre-series (slash)

EVP 8: Pre-series (slash) - Show Notes

60 minutes - 28MB - MP3

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In order of appearance:

Excerpt from Fix(ation) by drvsilla.
Rating: Definitely Adult.

read by tsuki_no_bara

Subtle Innuendo Follows by apocalypsos
Rating: NC-17

read by aillychan

Excerpt of To Wish Impossible Things by lea_ndra
Rating: NC-17

read by chi1013

What Came Before by oxeniensis
Rating: mild R

read by amchara

This week's non-fiction piece is an meta conversation between lea_ndra & angstslashhope on the issues surrounding pre-series slash in Supernatural fanfiction.

lea_ndra is the author of pre-series slash epic To Wish Impossible Things . You can find all of lea_ndra's fic at her livejournal.

angstslashhope is the editor of the podcast, and also author of pre-series slash and gen stories. You can find her fic at hopeful_fiction.

The conversation is a continuation of the one in EVP 7.

Music & audio

A Place Called Home - P J Harvey

All audio clips taken from 1.08 Bugs.


by nebulein:

Supernatural Fic Podcast - EVP 8: Pre-series (slash)

by nebulein:

Supernatural Fic Podcast - EVP 8: Pre-series (slash)

by nebulein:

Supernatural Fic Podcast - EVP 8: Pre-series (slash)

by nebulein:

Supernatural Fic Podcast - EVP 8: Pre-series (slash)

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Thanks to the folks over at evp_voices for helping with the brainstorming and recording.

Thanks to all the authors, readers and listeners. Without you it wouldn't be possible.

Thanks to lea_ndra for chatting with me for an hour :)

Thanks to nebulein for continuing to create awesome banners :)

Thank you to derryderrydown for arranging the whole 'actual podcast with subscriptions and online listening and stuff!' thing.

Thanks to onetimeoffer for providing a permant home to download the podcasts from at http://fandom.chaotic-creative.com/

Any questions or comments are welcome at all times, via lj comment or email: evp.podcast@gmail.com
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