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EVP 6: Hunts & Creatures (slash)

EVP 6: Hunts & Creatures (slash) - Show Notes

54.18 minutes - 25MB - MP3

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In order of appearance:

Excerpt from The Most of the Never-Never by ficbyzee
Summary: Sam knows what this is.
Rating: NC-17

read by expastic

Excerpt from Somewhere Between Static & Interruptions by drvsilla
Rating: Adult
A/N: (Finally.) I disclaim everything!  There will be violence, and virtual cows were indeed harmed in the making of this story. It is part of a series -- this one comes after: Relief - then: Assuage

read by moveablehistory

Excerpt from Unspoken by raina_at
Rating: Adult
Feedback: Always appreciated.
Summary: A new case brings some issues between Sam and Dean into focus.

read by angstslashhope

The Long Night by lyra_wing
For exsequar, who asked for some casual affection between the bros, maybe while on the job. You shouldn't have left the prompt so open like that, hon, because then I come up with stupid shit like this. *facepalm* Anyway! Happy birthday, Anne! Your enthusiasm and your positive attitude always brighten my day.

read by misshallelujah

Music & audio

Hey Man, Nice Shot - Filter

All audio clips taken from 1.06 Skin.


by nebulein:

Supernatural Fic Podcast - EVP 6: Hunts & Creatures (slash)

by nebulein:

Supernatural Fic Podcast - EVP 6: Hunts & Creatures (slash)

by nebulein:

Supernatural Fic Podcast - EVP 6: Hunts & Creatures (slash)

by nebulein:

Supernatural Fic Podcast - EVP 6: Hunts & Creatures (slash)

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If you’d like to make banners for this edition, go right ahead - post in the comments, I’ll edit to put them here.


Thanks to the folks over at evp_voices for helping with the brainstorming and recording.

Thanks to all the authors, readers and listeners. Without you it wouldn't be possible.

Thanks to nebulein for continuing to create awesome banners :)

Thank you to derryderrydown for arranging the whole 'actual podcast with subscriptions and online listening and stuff!' thing.

Thanks to onetimeoffer for providing a permant home to download the podcasts from at http://fandom.chaotic-creative.com/

Constructive Criticism is extremely welcome. If there are particular things you like or dislike about this edition, don't hesitate to tell me! The podcast model is based on what you ask for, so don't worry about offending me.

Any questions or comments are welcome at all times, via lj comment or email: evp.podcast@gmail.com
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