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New developments, update on progress

1. Community developments

  • The wonderful derryderrydown has gone and set up EVP at a proper podcasting site, so it can be subscribed to as one generally does with podcasts! Personally, I'm not sure how it all works, but I'm sure if you're a podcast-person you'll have no trouble doing your thang with it. The feed is here:

    Add to ClickCaster

    Or use the direct URL: http://www.clickcaster.com/evp

    Even if you are podcast-illiterate, like me, you can click the link above to listen to a streaming version of EVP! In other words, it has an audio player embedded on that page, you can click 'play' and listen to the podcast online (use the skip buttons to move between editions), which is handy if you want to have a listen before you download an entire file, or give someone else a test run.

    I've edited the Show Notes thus far to link to the clickcaster entries for each edition.

    Thanks, Derry!

  • onetimeoffer has also taken the initiative and offered to host the podcast files at http://fandom.chaotic-creative.com. As well as posting a link to the Show Notes of each edition on the blog over there, she's providing a permanent home for the files themselves on her server, which should outlast any expiration on free sites like sendspace!

    I believe there's also a way to sign up to the RSS feed over there, and she posts a lot of other Supernatural multimedia, so go and subscribe :)

    I've edited the Show Notes of the first two editions to include the permanent links. Thank you, onetimeoffer!

2. Developing the EVP model

Thanks so much for all the input you gave me on that last post I made. It's been extremely helpful!

Subsequent to that, I've decided the following:
  • EVP will have primarily a focus on fanfiction. This means that each edition will continue to have audiofic as its primary material, with any non-fic material being meta-fic - so, interviews with authors, pieces on the craft of writing (like guides to researching or betaing, that kind of thing).

  • The edition length will stay at 1 hour.

  • Each edition will have: 3 songs, one non-fic/meta-fic piece, and however many audiofics I can fit in. generally, under 15 minutes of music; under 15 mins of non-fic, the rest (30+ minutes) audiofic.

  • Supplementary fic: Okay. The decision I've made here is to not restrict submissions for each edition. If I get enough excess submissions (so, an hour's worth), I will put together a supplementary podcast that will possibly have music or some other form of additional audio (to break up the song tracks), but no extra audio (unless a sub-editor wants to record a 10-second "this is EVP 3.2, supplementary slash fic" grab to start it). These supplementary eds will fit with the week's theme. If there are not enough excess submissions to fill an hour, I will post links to the individual track downloads in the Show Notes so people still have access to those stories if they want them.

    The supplementary podcast will be more relaxed in terms of timing. In other words; I don't want to put too much pressure on *myself* to try and put 2 hours worth of material together all at once. In other other words, I'll not accept submissions beyond the closing date for each edition, but supplementary editions might come a bit later than the main edition, and not necessarily every week. Basically, I'll do it if I'm capable at that point, and won't if I'm not.

    • With the supplementary model, I'll be looking for people to volunteer to be sub-editors for each themed edition (considering slash and gen editions of each theme separately, here). The main role of the sub-editor will be to seek out submissions and contributions, chase-up and motivate readers and authors. I'm considering how much editorial control I personally would like to have at this stage (like, lining up or just suggesting fics for the main edition and finding readers myself, and leaving supplementaries up to sub-editors to rake in).

      So, instead of making another post about this later, I'll ask now: If you'd like to help out with being a sub-editor, take a look at the schedule of themes and stick up your hand if there's a particular edition you think you can help with. You don't need any technical expertise, I'll still handle the editing/posting side of things, you just need to have the time and energy committment to chase up submissions.

    • The supplementary model will also allow more freedom in terms of types and lengths of fics. Supplementaries will still adhere to the theme-of-the-week, but they will provide the opportunity for longer stories to be recorded. For example, if you have a story with a sequel, or a 5000 word fic? email me with regards to submitting it, we can work something out about collating things with the best outcome.

  • Right, next item. What happened to the meta material?

    I'm currently in discussion with jdsampson regarding putting together another podcast, one where the focus is not on fic but meta. The idea being bandied about at the moment is one of a discussion panel, where three or four articulate fans come together to record a panel discussion on a particular topic - be it a theme, or a particular episode, that kind of thing. It's very much up in the air at the moment - as to where it will be housed, what format it'll take, etc, but just thought I'd give you all the heads up that this is tentatively being thought about/developed now.

3. Update on progress of EVP 3 call for submissions

As you know, EVP 3 is going to be focussed on the gen winners of the Lawrence Awards. (See the Call for Submissions.)

  • mona1347 has all up on her own volunteered to be a sub-editor for this edition, yay! If you are a writer of a gen fic that won in the Larrys, you might get a prod by mona in the near future with regards to giving permission for your story to be recorded.

  • Yes, this means that EVP 3 will most likely have a Supplementary edition with extra fics. The deadline for submissions still stands (as I have to cut-off some time!) but the Supplementary might not be posted at the same time (maybe a couple days after).

  • I'm still after Vox Pops (short opinion responses to the question posed in the call for subs), so please, give it a go!

  • If you have a question for me to ask in the interview with gekizetsu, email it to me before Sunday 20th.

4. Important note on submissions:

Because we've decided to go down this excess/supplementary fic path, when you're submitting an audiofic to me please upload it to www.sendspace.com or your own server. This is so if I end up just posting the link to your track, the downloads will last longer (than yousendit, namely!).

Questions, comments, suggestions and offers to help are always welcome, via lj comment or evp.podcast@gmail.com :)
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