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Another proposed model for EVP

Alright. Yaknow, one day we’ll actually get the format of this podcast thing *right*.

In the meantime, we gotta work to get there. So here’s the latest.

In the current format of the podcast I have proposed, it allows for 3 fics of about 3000 words, an interview or meta piece (about 10-15 minutes worth), about 5-10 minutes worth of Vox Pops (who knows if they’ll be a success, just experimenting here!) and 3 songs.

While the variety in content here is quite appealing, it does restrict the fics themselves. In terms both of the length, and of the range of stories – i.e. obviously there are more than three stories out there per theme!

The idea, following this thought, is to have supplementary fic-only editions of EVP. So a proposal for this kind of model would be:

  • A 1 hour typical podcast-style edition, that would focus more on fandom stuff than actual reading of fanfic. Its format could be:
    • an interview

    • reading of *one* story that relates to interview (i.e. by the author who is interviewed? Or one that illustrates what the interview was about? A story read by its author?). This could be a long story (5000-6000 words).

    • Music tracks, maybe about 3 of them. Either from the show, or suggested by listeners, or “adopt-a-vid” tracks?

    • Another non-fiction piece, such as a humorous piece, or meta, or resources; or non-fic – discussion of fanart, vidding, manips, projects… Maybe more than one. Vox pops?

  • A supplementary, fic (and music?)-only edition. It could have further stories, 3-6 of them (depending on length). Also 1 hour long.

In other words, 2 hours of audio material per week. A more ‘meta’ part (in terms of commentary and background on the theme/material) and a purely fic part; two 1 hour files each week.

This would allow more time and depth for typical radio program-style items (meta, opinion, interviews, etc), and more room for fics to stretch their legs. Also more opportunities for people to get involved.

Potential drawbacks? Well, from my standpoint, I’m mildly concerned that people will favour one over the other, and I won’t kid around here: I love it to death, but this project is a lot of hard work. I don’t want to be spending too much time and energy on something that people aren’t that interested in.

So, as listeners, I really need your feedback here – is this two-part model something you think you would download/listen to/enjoy? Or is there one part that you’re more interested in than the other? Do you have a better suggestion for a model?

Also, as contributors – this could either be wonderful for you, as I wouldn’t have to turn down submissions so much; or terrible for me, as I desperately scramble for recordings.

I also anticipate that I’d need at least one more person to step up to the plate and help me behind-the-scenes on the project; motivating people, contacting contributors and authors, prodding for submissions, collating stuff. Even carrying out interviews, wrangling meta, that kind of stuff. It is demanding but also fun (if you’re like me and love pet projects like this, organising and creating and collating and producing), and would require a firm commitment. Possibly there could be sub-editors for each edition? and if you're interested, you could claim an edition to help on now.

Please comment with your thoughts, even if they’re no more complicated than a “You are so right!” or a “no freaking way will that work!”

This really is a community project, that relies on contributions to exist, and on listeners to be a success (because what’s the point of all that hard work when no one’s listening?).

So please, take advantage and have your say. I don’t *want* to make all the decisions on my own, I want you to determine what it is *you* end up listening to :)

ETA: Other models:

2. monthly supplementary edition, with excess submissions, no particular theme.

3. each edition has extra fics (ones that were submitted, but not included in the 'cast) for download as individual files (linked to in the show notes).

4. keep the same format, but make it 90 minutes long instead of 60.
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