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EVP 3 – Lawrence Awards (gen): Call for submissions & contributions

No matter how you feel about fandom awards and their place in fandom politics, in a fandom as tightly-focussed as Supernatural the Lawrence Awards have arguably provided a reasonably accurate representation of our tastes and loves in SPN fanfiction. For the next two editions EVP will be focussing on the stories that came out on top in the Lawrence Awards, interviewing the Best Overall Authors, recording some of the winning stories, and giving you the opportunity to voice your opinion with the Vox Pops.

Submissions close: 27th August, 2006; earlier if submission quota is filled.

Comment to claim items up for adoption.

Items will be struck through as they are adopted and thus become unavailable.

Submissions that do not fit into the guidelines below will not be accepted for this edition.


The following stories have been approved by the authors and require readers. If you would like to volunteer, please respond to this post with the story you'd like to adopt.

And Fools Shine On (excerpt, no more than 3000 words/8 minutes maximum)
by gekizetsu (aka eighth_horizon)
To be read by author.

Fistful of Rain (excerpt, no more than 3000 words/8 minutes maximum)
Adopted by misshallelujah.

Of Bastard Saints (excerpt, no more than 3000 words/8 minutes maximum)
by nilchance & beanside
Adopted by embroiderama


Gekizetsu, aka eighth_horizon, aka b stearns, cleared out the gen categories of the Lawrence Awards, winning Best Overall Gen for And Fools Shine On, First Runner-Up: Best Dean Gen for Crossing the Line, Best Epic Gen for The Month of Open Doors, Best Episode-Based Gen for Clear, and First Runner-Up: Best Comedy for When Siblings eAttack and last but definitely not least: Best Overall Gen Author.

Gekizetsu's work not only explores the complexities of characters, but forces the characters themselves to examine the conditions both of and for their own existence. At times metaphysical, always personal, Gekizetsu's intricately crafted writing style reflects the complex ideas and questions she raises to a seamless finish, packing a punch in the reader somewhere that's difficult to identify, but deeply felt.

In EVP 3 I'll be interviewing gekizetsu, and would like to invite listeners to submit questions for me ask her.

You can email your questions to evp.podcast@gmail.com before August 20.

All of Gekizetsu's stories can be read on her website.


Vox Pops are short, spontaneous opinion pieces in response to a topical question. Anyone may submit an audio response to the Vox Pop question. See the Guide to Contributing for more information on exactly how.

EVP 3's Vox Pop: Fandom awards: for or against? Why?

You may leave your response anonymous if you wish. Depending on the number of Vox Pop submissions, it is possibly that not all responses will be used.  


Submissions of banners and buttons for this edition of EVP are also welcome. These graphics will be hosted on EVP's server and offered for listeners and contributors to post on their own sites or blogs.

Buttons should be 100x40 pixels.
Banners should be 250x100 pixels.

All banners and buttons should have the text: EVP 3: Lawrence Awards (gen) and the url of the community: spnfic-podcast.livejournal.com

All graphics submissions will be used. You can email your submissions to evp.podcast@gmail.com any time before the closing date.

Couple of other items:

Banners & Buttons for linking to the community from your own lj or website will all be added to this post in future.

Master list/schedule of themed episodes changed slightly: Brain-powers has been dumped (for now) and replaced with "Humor & hijinks". Because dude, we so need an entirely cheery edition.

Due to time constraints, I anticipate the format for the themed editions to be: 3 fics, 3 songs, episode audio, Vox Pops, and one interview OR one meta/nonfic piece.

Any questions or comments are welcome at all times, via lj comment or email: evp.podcast@gmail.com


Aug. 14th, 2006 01:39 pm (UTC)
Not a problem at all :). I'm glad to see the podcast is popular! It's almost 3K words so I don't know if it'll work as an add-in just time wise but there's something very intriguing about having a fic-only supplementary addition... *also is thinking on feet* ...and I'd love to help out with this project somehow but I have almost no audio skillz whatsoever :).

I could put a call out on my flist and see who might be interested in recording some of the award winners? If I rounded up the readers, writers permission and audio files, would you be willing to put them together in a additional gen-fic podcast? How many stories of what length would we be talking here? Hmmm...am I insane to contemplate this? :D
Aug. 14th, 2006 02:01 pm (UTC)
there's something very intriguing about having a fic-only supplementary addition...

Indeed! I am actually using music from winning songvids for the music in the ep, so a fic-only supplement could be broken up with the rest of the winning vid songs too.

I don't mind doing the editing together if you want to do the gathering of submissions.

I find that 3000 words is about 10 minutes. i don't like to go over 1 hour for podcast length. there were 4 stories and 3 songs (and a brief intro from me) for the slash one, that was 1 hour (a couple of the fics were over 10 mins, though...)

so, um. i'd say on a fic-only 'cast, you could fit... five fics around 3000-4000 words, three songs.

Collating in terms of getting approval from authors and submissions from readers is what takes the longest. then again, you've got 2 weeks til release date.

If you decide to do this, keep in mind that it's gen only - the one after is slash (which, who knows, maybe the same path will have to be taken...?)

In general, I think this is great because i'd like more fic, but I'm not entirely sure... i don't know, there *are* a lot of fics in fandom out there, each edition isn't going to cover the scope of all of them... what's the point in having a podcast in podcast format (with interviews etc) if there will be supplementary fic-only files?

but then (and excuse my stream-of-thought writing here...) maybe that leaves the potential for the podcast to focus more on specific fics or authors? like, this lawrence award one has gekizetsu's winning story, and an interview with her. maybe each podcast should be that closely related with the fic and non-fic, and then the rest of the easy listening (any number of fics that fit the bill for the theme) can go into supplementary?

hmm. thoughts? am i making any sense at all?
Aug. 15th, 2006 02:58 pm (UTC)
Oooo *claps hands* I really love all of your ideas from, of course, the perspective of a potential reader/listener, and not the editor! :)

I see that you've made another post regarding a supplementary addition and I haven't had a chance to go and read-through all the comments yet (I'm back at work today) but I'd still be more than willing to press people into service for reading and gathering the author's permission for a gen-only, fic-only L.A. edition. How about I make a "IF this was done, would you be interested?" post to see where we could start from?

As a more general comment, I think there is something to be said for "special editions" of fic-only podcasts for things like the Lawrence Awards when there are so many quality fics (that "fandom" has presumably already chosen as "favorites") to choose from. Seems like it would be a bit much to do them every week - perhaps monthly or bi-monthly? But of course, you would need help, as you say in your post, with editing b/c I imagine already this is a huge job! I can sadly only guarantee my services for this time (whatever you decide to do) though I'd love to be involved again at some point in the future, I know enough to make no promises!

Hey, wait, I had another idea just as I was about to click "post"... what if authors could elect or readers/performers could offer to do fic-readings that could be "affiliated" with the podcast and the theme for that week? Like you could collate a list of links each week/2 weeks to various personal/comm LJs with additional readings of longer fics or fic that didn't make it into the podcast itself? That way people could contribute whatever they liked that fit the theme at whichever length and the podcast could have a "for further reading, see such-and-such list of links to podfic."