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EVP 1: first edition (gen)

37 minutes – 16.8 MB

Download this edition: Right-click save from evp.oscillating.net

Show Notes

This edition is gen only. It has an overall rating of PG-13 for language.


The five people Dean met on Tuesday by lightly
disclaimer: The important thing is that I don't own Dean, I wouldn't mind though and I would love to have a crack at owning Sam. But it's a moot point since Kripke owns us all.

read by: grrli (email)
reader notes: If you like me, you may offer chocolate as tribute. However, abject stalking will be punishable by death. Remember. Chocolate good. Stalk bad. Literacy is required and no, I'm not on acid.

Training Methods by eloise_bright
characters: Dean and Sam
disclaimer: No,I checked, and they definitely own me.
author: 1000 words. Pre-series - I'm thinking Dean's 18, Sam's 14. Sam POV. Sam expresses his displeasure concerning the slightly unorthodox Winchester training methods.

read by: alias_chick (email)

All But Risen by eighth_horizon/gekizetsu
author’s notes: Written in my head last Friday and ignored until the whole S2 spoiler thing started. Written in one hour just to get it to shut up and let me move on. Title refers to the song that was playing at the end of the season finale. It’s two days after the final shot in Devil’s Trap and Sam finds out there’s really only one way left that anyone can hurt him.

read by: northface11 (email)


All music and audio tracks are taken from the Pilot of Supernatural. The songs are:

Back in Black by AC/DC
Gasoline by Living Daylights

Editor notes

YAY FIRST EDITION. As mentioned, I'd like to make the next edition slash-only; for that I need more slash submissions, people!

Also, comments on the kind of material in the podcast? Do you want:
- more or less music/audio?
- more fic?
- non-fic material like:
-- meta
-- discussion
-- interviews
-- news

Please feedback!

PS. apologies for any technical unpolishedness with this one. It's my first time of editing together several tracks from various sources. Hopefully the volume isn't too varying.

Please comment if you download.
Tags: evp, gen
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