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Contributing to EVP: A Guide

Before you begin

Using the advance posts for each edition at evp_voices, signal your intention to submit a recording. Have a look at the other comments (as well as a close look at the post itself) first to make sure that submissions are still open, and that the type of recording you want to submit (meta, fic, etc.) has not been claimed by someone else.

Once you’ve done so, contact the author of the story you’d like to read to ask their permission, and to make sure that the story you’d like to read hasn’t already been used by someone else. You might want to browse the Authors’ Noticeboard post; if an author is listed there, consider it pre-approval for using recording their stories. (If your author isn’t listed there but agrees to your recording their story, suggest they add their name for future reference.) Even if an author is listed on the Authors’ Noticeboard, email them to signal your intentions (and, as mentioned above, to make sure you’re not doubling up).

Types of recordings & other contributions


The primary focus of EVP is Supernatural fanfiction, therefore the majority of submissions I’ll be seeking will be readings of fanfic. If you’d like to contribute a reading you’ll need to signal your interest to me in the comments of the post. There’s no selection process; it’s first in, first served.

If there are an excess amount of submissions, there will either be a supplementary fic-only edition (so, if there's an hour's work of excess material), or if not, individual tracks of excess subs will be linked to for download from the Show Notes.

Meta, Resources & other non-fic

EVP's primary focus is on SPN fanfiction, so any non-fic pieces included will be related to fic or fic writing. This may include guides (eg. to beta-reading, researching, writing, etc), recs or reviews of fic, meta related strictly to fic, that kind of thing. As with fic, you can read your own material or someone else's. Please contact me when I open up submissions with your proposal for this kind of material, as there will only be one item per edition.


Each edition will contain an interview of a fan relevant to the theme (e.g. an author, a meta-writer, a vidder, artist, that kind of thing). I will tee up an interviewee before the call for submissions, but may at some point ask for volunteers to carry out the interview itself.

If you see a theme on the master-list and think you have an ideal interviewee in mind, contact me via email with your suggestion.

With the call for submissions, however, I will be asking people to submit questions they’d like answered by the interviewee. I’ll collect and collate the questions and write up a list that reflects what people are asking for. You’ll need to submit questions to me via email.

Music & episode audio

If you have a particular music track you feel is highly appropriate for a particular themed edition, feel free to suggest it to me in the call for submissions. I will generally be using tracks from the show itself.


In the call for submissions I’ll also be asking graphic artists to create banners and buttons for each themed edition. My hope is that contributors (and anyone else, really) can use the buttons/banners to link back to the edition if they’d like to publicise it in their own journal. There’ll be no selection process with these, I’ll offer all submissions of graphics up for use (and host them on my own server).

Graphics should have “EVP #_ - [THEME]” on them, as well as the url of this community (spnfic-podcast.livejournal.com).

Email me submissions of graphics.

How to make a recording

This is an excellent guide for beginners to the whole recording-an-audio file business. It suggests using an open-source (i.e. free for download) program called Audacity for the software side of recording, which I can also highly recommend.

On the hardware side of things, you will require a microphone. I’m told you can purchase a cheap one for about USD$10 from your local electronics store, you won’t need anything high-tech.

Before you start recording the file that you’ll eventually be submitting, I highly recommend you make some test recordings to make sure that the sound quality of your submission is as high as possible. Audacity lets you adjust the input volume and the output volume of your recording (which you have to set before you start recording), so fiddle with those settings to make sure your recording isn’t too quiet, and also that those two dials are set such that there’s no distortion on the recording. Also make sure with your test recordings that there’s not too much background noise or other factors that will detract from the clarity of your recording.

If you’re still not happy with the quality of your test recordings after fiddling with the above options, have a look at the guide I linked to above. It’ll take you through the more advanced options in a clear, easy-to-follow way.

How to make a submission

  • Please make sure you have the author's permission before you submit an audio file of their story or non-fic piece.

  • You are, of course, welcome to submit recordings of yourself reading your own work.

  • Please only submit one piece per file.

  • Begin the recording by stating the title and author of the piece, and who it is read by. There is no need to include the author's complete header (this will go in the show notes)

  • Recordings should be no longer than 15 minutes at the absolute max. My own reading speed is below 200 words per minute, so that’s around 3000 words for 15 mins. Shorter pieces – including drabbles – are very welcome.

  • Excerpts of longer stories (including WIPs) are also welcome.

If you don't have your own webspace, please upload your audio file at http://www.sendspace.com. I recommend you use sendspace because if your fic ends up being a supplementary item, I'll need a link that won't expire quickly, or limit the number of downloads.

Please include the following information in your email:

For stories & non-fic
Reader name and/or username:
Link to download audio file:
Length of audio (eg. 5.14 minutes):

Title of piece:
Summary (if provided by author):

Which edition of EVP is this story for?:
Author's permission obtained?

For interview questions
Which edition of EVP is this question for?

(credits for questions will be listed in the show notes)

Graphic file(s) as an attachment

Name/username of artist:
Which edition of EVP is this graphic for?

Submissions may be emailed to evp.podcast@gmail.com

Submissions that do not follow the guidelines detailed above will not be accepted. Please make use of the call for submissions post on each edition to signal your intention to submit a recording.

Any questions or suggestions may also be emailed to the above address, or left in comments on any post.

Authors' Noticeboard

The Authors' Noticeboard is a place for authors to signal their approval for their stories to be recorded. If you're a reader, encourage any other authors who have given you approval to post their details there.

Readers should nonetheless contact authors directly for the sake of politeness if they intend to record a story, as well as to ensure there's no doubling-up of recordings.

Reader's Noticeboard

The Readers' Noticeboard is where you can signal your willingness to contribute to EVP. As an editor I'll be using the information there to contact you (via email) if submissions are low, or if I need emergency backup. I'll also use the email list to contact you when there are new call for submissions open.

If you'd like to be removed from the mailing list, just drop me an email.