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Podbooks, new master list

Dear listeners,

cybel has generously compiled podbooks of each edition of EVP, so we now have handy chapters! hurrah!

As the podcast is no longer being produced, I've also re-done and massively simplified the master list/download page, which you can find here: http://evp.oscillating.net/

(hint: that's also where you can grab the podbook version of each edition, if you want them!)



Download links updated

Several of the earlier editions of EVP/spnfic_podcast were mirrored by a host that is now defunct. I've just gone through and updated the permanent links to download from my own webspace, which should be around for at least as long as I am :)

So, if anyone was trying to download but coming up with a 404, it's all fixed now.

You can browse all eps of EVP with this handy tag, or at http://evp.oscillating.net

Dear spnfic_podcast listeners and contributors:

My sincere apologies for letting this project slide. Other committments that have taken over my time, so it's about time I bucked up and made this post!

I would love to see this podcast continue in some way, and don't feel all that much possessive about it.

Therefore I'd like to open the floor to other editors - not so much for another single person to take over the project, but for anyone who feels like putting together a single edition (or few). If you have an idea for an edition of the podcast and think you can pull it off, stick your hand up!

I'm totally open as to how it could be organised - maybe they could be produced monthly, and we can schedule in editors for the next however-many months. I feel this model might have more chance of success than placing editorial duties upon a single person again, though of course I'm still happy to host files and help organise who will edit when.

Editors would be welcome to produce their edition(s) however they wanted, as long as it was still in the loose structure of a "supernatural fic podcast" - so, around an hour long, with fanfiction. Whether you had a theme, discussions, interviews or music would be all up to you.

While I was still planning on keeping this going myself, I talked to the spnroundtable folks about somehow tying the podcast in with their work - piggybacking on themes and recording recced stories. They were open to that idea, if anyone wants to run with it.

So, hopefully we can get into a discussion in the comments about what could work, if you guys want to see this project keep going in some form.

Thanks again for your attention and support thus far :)

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Call for submissions - Futurefic

In an attempt to keep the ball rolling, I'm opening up submissions of futurefic stories for the next edition of EVP.

More detail on the Call for Submissions here.

I'm accepting both slash and gen submissions; if there are enough of each I'll make 2 editions; if not, only one.

Please indicate if you're going to submit, and send your recordings by the 15th of July.

EVP 13: Crack (gen & slash)

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A note on the delay...

Apologies for the length of time it took to produce this edition. as you've probably noticed, the podcast has pretty much ground to a halt - the producing of edition has been dragging on for a while.

However, EVP isn't going to be abandoned! I'm keen to get it running again, but am looking into better ways of making it work - as always, making sure it runs as smoothly and pain-free as possible.

So, thanks for being patient, and stay tuned!


Supplementary files

Ended up going with the 'individual files for download', as it was the least complicated.

Please leave feedback for authors and readers, either on story posts or this post.

For author notes, ratings and other headers, click on the title of the story.

8 supplementary storiesCollapse )

Supplementary Editions need files

Hi folks,

Just a reminder that if you have any recordings that haven't been included in the previous podcasts, you're very welcome to send to me and I'll put together fic-only supplementary podcasts.

These include stories that don't necessarily fit into themes, longer stories, multi-part stories... anything, really. Send them over to evp.podcast@gmail.com in the next couple of days and I'll edit and post them all before christmas, hopefully!

At the moment I don't have enough to edit into an hour-long file, so my working plan is to post them all individually.

Any questions or anything, feel free to comment :)